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Author: Joe Rinehart (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: November 10, 2007 9:25 AM
Version: Alpha
Views: 45,214
Downloads: 807
License: Apache License, Version 2


BeanUtils isn't a library for mass use: it's intended for framework and tooling authors.

It's designed for folks building frameworks that manipulate "bean"-style CFCs, and focuses on enumerating and manipulating properties (defined by either <cfproperty> or getter functions).

While it has lower level CFCs to inspect and manipulate beans, they're all facaded by BeanUtils.cfc. You may compose it with alternate implementations of the lower-level inspector and converter CFCs to modify your use of BeanUtils.

BeanUtils.cfc provides methods such as:

inspect(): returning all explicit (<cfproperty>) and implicit properties (getNNN) of a CFC instance

inspectAsXML: inspect()'s result as XML)

methods to allow type-based caching of property information (getHash(), propertiesAreDirty()).

extract(): extracts a bean's data to a structure. It follows collections, and elegantly handles cyclic graphs (returning a cyclic struct, so don't <cfdump> it).

inject(): a struct of data into a CFC, but doesn't yet handle injecting collections of CFCs.

setProperty(bean, propname, value): sets a property's value regardless of setter style (<cfproperty>/THIS scope or setNNN)

getProperty(bean, propname): gets a property's value regardless of getter style (<cfproperty>/THIS scope or getNNN)

All included components are unit tested at a high level of coverage. Unit tests are included to help in development of your own extensions/customizations.


ColdFusion 6.1.

Note: on anything less than ColdFusion 8, a few tests fail (references the "component" type).

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